10 Interesting Facts about Refrigeration

Although you don’t often think about it, your refrigerator is actually a very important part of your daily life. Storing our food, keeping us cool in the hot weather; refrigeration is the solution to a whole host of problems.

However, refrigeration hasn’t always been so clean and efficient – we’re going to look into some interesting (slightly weird) facts about refrigeration, some might surprise you!

#1. The very first U.S. refrigeration patent was filed by a Doctor! A Florida Doctor was looking to find a way to keep his fever-stricken patients cool. He hoped to cool the air with cold water, he created a compression system in the 1840’s, but it ended up freezing the water instead of just cooling it.

#2. Inuit fishing practices inspired flash freezing. Clarence Birdseye traveled up to Canada in 1912 to make his fortune as a fur trapper. Instead of becoming a master fur trapper, he got the inspiration for flash freezing!

#3. The history of artificial refrigeration began with a Scottish professor William Cullen, who designed a small refrigerating machine in 1755.

#4. The world’s largest refrigerator is a 27-kilometer long cryogenic distribution line on the border between France and Switzerland and is part of the large Hadron Collider.

#5. In the 19th century, you really didn’t want to consume the ice. Even the apparently clean ice cut from lakes would have contained a little bit of algae inside – YUCK.

#6. Early fridges were super strong. The home fridges of the early 20th century were incredibly well-fortified. So in 1939, to prove that their fridges were sturdy, Frigidaire got a 4-tonne elephant to stand on top of it; then they proceeded to open and close the door to further prove how airtight their seals were.

#7. Surprisingly, a refrigerator is actually more efficient with more items in it! Keep those fridges stocked for maximum efficiency.

#8. Those drawers at the bottom of your home refrigerator where you keep your vegetables and fruits are known as a ‘crisping drawers’.

#9. The first refrigerators weighed around 5-tonnes and were far too big to be installed in a house!

#10. Without refrigerators, we wouldn’t have supermarkets. They wouldn’t be able to store all the different foods they sell without fridges, nor would people be able to buy a week’s worth of shopping at a time, if they didn’t have anywhere to store it at home.

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