The Benefits of Investing in a Blast Freezer

Blast freezers are an undeniably fantastic investment for food distribution or catering businesses. For businesses ranging from fishmongers to corporate caterers, these rapid and unique freezing units can bring lots of positives – for developing companies and established businesses alike.

So, let’s explore some of the many benefits a blast freezer could bring to your business.

Product Expansion

The rapid, long term freezing that a blast freezer can offer means that produce lasts much longer, which gives you the time and space to increase the range of products you stock. With many products being able to be frozen for months in advance, it eliminates the worry associated with heavy wastage. Blast freezers come in all shapes in sizes, so they can suit any business, large or small.

Fast Freezing

Blast freezers are revolutionary to businesses who deal with large amounts of produce every day – they are the only way to rapidly freeze tonnes of product in a matter of hours. This is the quite possibly the best benefit of blast freezers, the rapid freezing cannot be beaten; the safety is taken care of, as well as the product itself.

Improvement on Wastage

The impressive temperature controls and monitoring that comes with a blast freezer ensures that the proper temperature can be maintained. By eliminating the temperature fluctuations that often come into domestic freezing units – blast freezers can closely track daily temperature, so if issues are found, they can be quickly rectified. All of this leads to better control over the product and therefore will lead to less wastage.

Brand Improvement

Investing in a blast freezer can be extremely beneficial to your brand or company perception. Producing and distributing high-quality produce can only reflect a positive image onto your business. If you want to corner the market on supplying high-quality frozen produce, a blast freezer is a sensible investment.

Better Quality Goods

The rapid rate at which a blast freezer can chill food means that the ice crystal formation is reduced compared to other types of freezing. Ice crystals are a food distributor’s or caterer’s nightmare; they can damage taste, texture and the appearance of food, which can ultimately lead to a wastage of product if it is unfit for sale or consumption. With a blast freezer, only micro ice crystals are formed – which leads to an overall higher quality of the product being achieved.

If you have any questions about the intricacies of investing in a blast freezer, do not hesitate to contact the team at CRL Group today.