Amazing Improvements in Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning North Wales

If you have the luxury of a quality air conditioning unit from CRL Group Ltd, then would put money on you loving to come home on a hot summers day and turn on your air conditioning to get that gentle cool breeze. Air conditioning technology has come a long way over the years for use in homes, offices, hospitals, and a variety of other places. Not only that, but their advancements can help those with units to save money with far more efficient cooling methods. So, for those who love to use their air conditioning units for a majority of the year, here are some amazing improvements that have been made in air conditioning that you may not know about.


Air conditioning units have had the functioning to turn themselves on and off for quite a number of years; however, during the last decad,e they have been given the ability to change the temperature of individual rooms using automated systems. The system will read the temperature of each room and adjust it according to your specifications. This creates an equally enjoyable temperature throughout your home, whilst simultaneously saving you money by not being on permanently, only when needed.

Smartphone Controls

As smartphone technology has improved over the years, so has their functionality with other devices, as well as those devices specific functionality with smartphone’s. With one single app, you can remain seated as you adjust the temperature of the room you are in. You can quickly check whether you left your air conditioning unit on after you left the house. And best of all, during the winter, you can easily read the temperature to be nice a toasty for the evening.

Larger Screens

A programmable thermostat unit has seen significant improvements with the installation of larger screens. Market leader LG have introduced screens as large as 10 inches that allow for much easier functionality and the control of temperatures in multiple rooms. You can now see just how much energy is being used on screen at all times, which can come in handy should you have a limited budget.

CRL Group Ltd is always happy to provide more information on air conditioning units should you need to know more. Contact a member of the team today to discover more about the significant technological improvements.