Why You Should Upgrade Your Office Air Conditioning

Ensuring your working environment is essential not only for a smooth working environment but also the well being of your workforce. From improving productivity to reducing sick days, here are some of the ways that installing air conditioning in North Wales can benefit you and your business.

Air conditioning in an office has been found to significantly increase both performance and concentration, allowing staff to work comfortably during the summer. On average, over 50% of workers will take longer breaks during hotter months where many feel sluggish and less motivation. Installing air conditioning can tackle this problem and allow staff to relax in their environment and work to the best of their ability, regardless of the outside weather.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that there is condensation throughout your office? Even worse you may find that mould has made an appearance in the corners of the room? This is not healthy for those working in the office and can be easily resolved by the installation of an air conditioning system. Excess moisture and damp can also lead to unnecessary, frequent maintenance calls and refurbishments which costs both time and money.

Staff morale is extremely important and so by ensuring they are happy and comfortable is a high priority. When your employees are happy they are more likely to perform better, knowing that their employers care about them. Achieve better results by investing in your offices and providing the best working environment possible.

When offices become too hot or too cold, many begin to concentrate on the temperature rather than the work they are completing. This distraction can lead to workplace accidents due to workers becoming dehydrated or exhausted if carrying out physical tasks such as warehouse work. Ensuring that you provide a cool environment will mean that everyone is safe and enabled to work in the correct temperatures, especially if they are doing heavy lifting or manual work.

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