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Ensuring that your gas boiler works correctly is vital, especially if you have a business to run. Regular gas boiler and gas safety checks can prevent problems cropping up and ensure you are getting the most out of your installations.

Arranging for an annual boiler maintenance service can mean that call-outs for problems such as small leaks or minor installation defects can be repaired quickly and cheaply. An annual boiler check also means you prevent faulty installations gradually getting worse and potentially becoming life-threatening.

Here are just some signs that your gas appliance might be due for a service:

There are many benefits to getting your boiler serviced sooner rather than later such as preventing any sudden, surprise costs due to breakdowns. It’s also safer for both you and your staff, knowing that your boiler is running efficiently and safely. An unsafe boiler that is left unchecked can lead to dangerous leaks, explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning and more, not to mention the unnecessary money spent that could have been saved due to a service visit.

It’s important to ask yourself, when did you last have your boiler or gas appliance serviced? We are currently offering 25% off your first service visit (T&C applies), carried out by our fully trained and certified gas (natural & LPG), plumbing, heating, oil and hot water engineers. We are confident in our services and look to build relationships with our clients, why not get in touch now to find out more!

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